Inspire Route: Snapshot

  • Event Venue: Exeter Racecourse, EX6 7XS
  • Event Date: Saturday 8th September 2018
  • Event Open Times: 06:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs
  • Route Start Time: 08:30 hrs
  • Age Limit: 15 years | 13 years (accompanied)
  • Distance: 37 miles | 60 km
  • Elevation Gain: 2,600 ft | 750 meters
  • KoM / QoM Stage:  No
  • Entry Limit: 300
  • Feed Stations: One
  • Refreshments:  YES (Event HQ)
  • Medal Standards: YES

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The Moor2Sea Inspire Route starts and finishes at Exeter Racecourse. It covers a total distance of approximately 60 km (37 miles) with 2,600 ft of climbing. This popular route was introduced in 2013 to make the sportive experience more accessible for those new to endurance cycling. A Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals is awarded to all who complete this route within the designated times for their age and gender category. Details of the medal times for each age and gender category are shown in the tables below. All finishers will receive a medal.

Feed Stations:

There is one feed stations on the Moor to Sea Inspire route. This is located at the Rydon Community Centre, Kingsteignton (22 miles). There will be a selection of sweet and savoury foods, energy products (High 5) and drinks available. There are toilets available at all feed station.

Start & Finish Times:

Participants must start between 08:30 hrs and 09:00 hrs. All riders must be finished by 17:30 hrs. If you start at 08:30 hrs you will have the maximum time of 9 hrs to complete the route (including stops). This route is suitable for those new to Sportive or endurance cycling. If you averaged 5 mph you would still be able to complete this route within the time available.

Inspire Route Medal Times

The Moor2Sea Sportive awards a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal to all participants based on thier finish time. The tables below show the MAXIMUM time allowed for each category in order to qualify for the corresponding medal.

All FINISHERS will receive a medal & 'Goodybag' provided they complete the course before 18:00 hrs. All participants MUST be clear of the route by this time.


  U 18   S V40 V50 V60+
GOLD 2:42 2:39 2:42 2:45 2:48
SILVER 2:52 2:48 2:52 2:55 2:59
BRONZE 3:16 3:11 3:16 3:21 3:25

  U 18 S V40 V50 V60+
GOLD 2:47 2:44 2:47 2:50 2:58
SILVER 2:57 2:54 2:57 3:01 3:10
BRONZE 3:23 3:18 3:23 3:28 3:38